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UAS Pilot vest

Drone Fly Shop is an e-commerce specialized in products and accessories for drone pilots. The shop was born from the idea of Stefano Saldarelli, founder of the Achrom creative graphic studio, who used drones as a tool for making video shots from above. Passionate about drones, Saldarelli perceived the market need for products and accessories for the professional and hobbyist sector of drones, hence the birth of Drone Fly Shop.

Among the best-selling accessories, theUAS Pilot vest (APR pilot vest), ahigh visibility drone pilot vest to operate in work environments, where mandatory or not. The graphics of the APR pilot jacket, in fact, made by Achrom, contain acronyms and wordings in line with EASA regulations.

The jackets sold carry both the Italian wording APR pilot vest and the English wording UAS pilot vest. In addition to the drone pilot vests, there are also drone assistant vests, drone video technical vests, payload operator vests, drone observer vests and drone operator vests.

The vests, which feature horizontal reflective bands, are made in one size. The APR pilot vest in slim version and the APR pilot waterproof parka are available to order.

For quotes, requests for customizations, to become a reseller or for more information, send an email using the pre-filled form in the contact section   of the website.


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