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Immagine di un drone su pad

Drone pad

Drone Fly Shop is an online shop for drone products and accessories for drone pilots. Drone Fly products are born from the intuition of Stefano Saldarelli, graphic designer and creator, founder of the Achrom graphic studio. Saldarelli, who used drones as a tool for recording video from above, has become more and more passionate about drones over the years. Given the high demand for drone accessories, he therefore decides to devote himself to the creation and marketing of products and accessories for drones (which he designed).

The main accessories sold are pins, gilet  and gazebos for drone and dronepad pilots. The drone pads or landing pads are platforms for take-off and landing designed for most of the drones on the market, minidrones or race drones, such as the mavic mini landing pad. The dronepads are practical, light, resistant and waterproof solutions for a safe and dry take-off and landing of the drone, they are able to crush the grass preventing it from coming into contact with the drone.

The drone pads are made of different materials , from forex and PVC to aluminum, and different sizes , based on the need and size of the aircraft. Some examples of landing pads are Drone Pad 400, Drone Pad 50, Drone Pad 650, the number indicates the diameter of the pad. In addition to the drone pads on the website, it is possible to request customized drone pads.

Finally, there is the landing pad kit, a complete kit consisting of a 150x150 cm pad, a ballast kit for fixing to the ground and a nylon bag to store all the equipment.

For more information, customizations, quotes or to become a reseller, visit the contact section   of the site and fill out the form.

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