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UAS Pilot pin

Drone Fly Shop is an online shop specializing in the sale of products and accessories for drone pilots and APR pilots. The shop was born from the idea of Stefano Saldarelli, graphic designer and creator, founder of the Achrom creative graphic studio, in the province of Prato.

The initial interest in drones was born from the need to exploit them for video shooting from above, to then turn into passion. Given the many years of experience in the sector, Saldarelli perceived the need for customizable products and accessories for the professional and hobbyist sector of drones, thus creating the Drone Fly Shop e-commerce.

The products are specific for UAS and APR drone pilots and drones, including APR pilot vests, drone pads and gazebos. Among the products there are also numerous accessories, including pins and pins for drone pilots. The drone pilot pin is ajacket pin designed for professional and non -professionaldrone pilots .

The brooch was designed by Achrom and made in Italy by the Florentine goldsmiths ofExtro Gioielli . The design reminiscent of the aeronautical world, is designed for UAS drone pilots. The brooch, made entirely of brass and decorated with enamels (in the tricolor version), has two anchoring points on the back with butterflies for fastening to the jacket. It is sold with a certificate of authenticity, inside an exclusive package.

The proposed models are drone pin in aged white bronze with Italian flag, drone pin in aged brasswith Italian flag and simple aged brass uas pin (without flag).

For quotes, requests for customizations, to become a reseller or for more information, send an email using the pre-filled form in the contact section   of the website.  

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