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UAS PILOT Car Glass Sticker - IT

UAS PILOT Car Glass Sticker - IT


Car window sticker for application from inside the passenger compartment.

Apply on the rear window or on the windshield of your vehicle the UAS PILOT sticker (New version)

Shaped adhesive to be applied to the glass (from the inside).


ATTENTION: the adhesive glue is on the print. You will receive a sticker that will only show the print when separated from the release liner.

Apply on clean glass, free of streaks and dust.

Do not apply in places that may prevent you from seeing the road properly.

The sticker is not transparent.


NOTE: The images have the sole purpose of presenting the product and do not represent the actual scale of the sticker in relation to the vehicles represented

  • Sticker size:

    Maximum size: 140x65mm

€6.80 Regular Price
€5.90Sale Price
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