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QR-Code Sticker Print - UAS Pilot / Operator


Stampiamo i tuoi Qr-Code adesivi generati sul sito D-Flight*.

We print your QR-Code stickers

generated on the D-Flight site * .

You will be given 4 copies to apply on your UAVs and / or

on the Ground Station (remote control) + a free cleaning wipe to clean the application surface


You can also order a second kit of 4 adhesive labels with your data in clear text, to facilitate those who should recover your drone in the event of a flyaway or accidental loss of your UAV.

*All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

The QR-Code printing service from the DroneFly.Shop site is an independent entrepreneurial initiative,

not attributable to activities carried out directly or in collaboration with D-Flight.

On this site, payments can be made via PayPal, Credit Card e Banifico.

This site is developed with a security protocol

HTTPS: HyperText Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer



Product images may differ in part from the actual product received.

Each item is periodically updated, while remaining the same in function and main features, to improve it and make it more performing,   according to feedback received from customers . 

I colors displayed on your monitor may appear differently than in reality.


Graphic works, as creative works, are protected by law,

which recognizes them as a particular expression of intellectual work (law no. 633/1941 and subsequent amendments).

The author of the work is recognized the MORAL RIGHT and the Patrimonial RIGHT.
None of the graphics can be used, nor can they be transmitted, distributed or otherwise exploited in any way. The commercial use of graphics (eg eBay) without mentioning the author and this license "all rights reserved" is prohibited. The Customer and / or Principal who uses Achrom graphics acknowledges and accepts that nothing within these terms will result in the transfer, in part or in full, to the Customer himself or to third parties, of the ownership of copyright and all rights connected.

The Customer and / or Principal undertakes not to act in a manner that is not congruent with this property or in such a way as to be able to compromise it. Any reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, redistribution or retransmission is expressly prohibited and may give rise to serious civil and criminal penalties . 


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