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PVC Card (VERTICAL) with summary data - Remote Pilot Certificate

PVC Card (VERTICAL) with summary data - Remote Pilot Certificate


Buy our PVC Cards!

Exclusive layout designed to adapt to every need and request.

New version, VERTICAL graphics orientation!

Compose your personalized Card by following a few simple steps!


1) Choose from the drop down menu if you wish to bring your "Personal photo":

  • with personal photo
  • no personal photo


2) Choose from the drop down menuyours "Open Sub Category":

  • A1 - A3
  • A1 - A2 - A3


3) Insert in the appropriate free text field "Email and Telephone" if you want to enter this data on the back of the Card (optional). If you wish, just write:

  • your phone number*
  • Your email*

* if the customer does not indicate them these fields will remain empty


4) Select the country, then the flag that will be reproduced (optional)

By default, Italy is selected. If you prefer to have the CARD with a different flag, indicate it in the "Write your country" field


After purchasing the service:

the customer must send to one's "certificate of competence"in PDF format,thus allowing us to recover all the Driver's data which will be conveniently reported on the Card, according to the indications received during the order.

Once the service the PDF file will be deleted from our archives. Same thing for the personal photo.


Graphic draft:

Before printing, a graphic draft is sent to verify the correctness of the data entered and to allow the customer to grant his approval to print.


NB: Further information and/or requests for prints, discounts for quantities, Custom Cards for Clubs, AeroClubs, Flight Schools, Training Centers, Custom Layouts, etc. can be forwarded to:


  • Characteristics

    • Card format: ISO CR-80 - ISO 7810
    • Size: 53.98mm x 85.60mm
    • Card Thickness: 0.76mm
    • Material: PVC
    • Printing: direct high resistance, in colour, front + back
    • Orientation: vertical
  • Technical/legal notes:

    *All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

    The card printing service is an independent entrepreneurial initiative, not attributable to activities carried out directly or in collaboration with EASA and/or ENAC or other body.

    ​The personalized printing of the Card with the data of your Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence does not determine its validity for legal purposes, it is not an official document and is not required as such by any body of police and/or control.

    The use of the card is purely optional and is requested on a voluntary basis for the sole purpose of obtaining a summary tool, convenient to carry with you and capable of containing all the data reported on the Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence which must be obtained according to the laws in force and stored and exhibited if requested by the bodies in charge of control. 

    ​DroneFly.Shop only provides the Card printing service.

    All data received at our offices, necessary to create your Card, are used only and only to fulfill the performance of the requested service and will not be kept, except for the executive file with our layout, useful for making any future reprints.

  • Buy the shoulder strap too!

    Buy the strap for your PVC Card. It allows you to store it and keep it close at hand for quick reference or display.

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