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Double-sided sign for the Drone Flight Zone

Double-sided sign for the Drone Flight Zone


Drone Signal, the double-sided ZONA VOLO DRONI sign was created following specific requests from our customers. Based on the design of the already known DRONE FLY ZONE signs, giunti to the third version , it allows you to signal the designated area on the fly of drones, in Italian.



The sign is made of composite material and is printed by direct digital printing with anti UV and anti-reflective pigments.

The shape makes it easy to carry and the side buttonhole allows you to house the DRONE FLY ZONE customized delimiting tape, present in this shop


The new version has been revised to offer a better product from all points of view:

  • base widened from 45 to 50cm, to ensure better stability
  • separable panels
  • improved hinge system: from metal rings to velcro: allow the two panels greater cohesion e stability
  • the tension cord has been replaced by a new system. Two slots allow you to insert two nylon tensioning belts equipped with a special steel hook joined by a carabiner
  • carabiner in aeronautical aluminum that allows you to tighten the two straps and separate them to store them after use in a simple and quick way.
  • UV resistant graphic pigments with anti-reflective treatment.


NOTE: the second photo refers to the homologous sign in English

  • Descrizione:

    • Dimensione: 50x70cm
    • Materiale: 2 strati di alluminio all'esterno e uno di polietilene all'interno.
    • Stampa digitale diretta con vernice resistente agli UV, anti riflesso
    • Maniglia per trasporto
    • 2 asole per inserimento nastro delimitante
    • 2 velcri rimovibili con funzione cerniera
    • 2 cinghie tensionarici 
    • 1 moschettone in alluminio

    Tempi di consegna dal pagamento: talvolta possono essere necessari 10gg lavorativi

    E' possibile richiedere anche una versione personalizzata col tuo logo. Contattami per tutte le info e costi!

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