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Drone Pad 50 - Aluminum

Drone Pad 50 - Aluminum

Drone Pad 50 is the exclusive take-off and landing platform designed for your drone.

The 50x50cm dimensions allow it to be used with most quadcopters on the market (DJI Phantom or smaller such as race drones).

It is light, easily transportable, resistant and waterproof.
With Drone Pad 50 no more blades of grass, dust, sand or other volatile materials that risk entering the engines and damaging them.

Take off and land on Drone Pad 50, increase your visibility, create an attention point and an easily identifiable reference to calibrate your "homecoming".

  • Product details:

    • Dimension: 50x50cm - rounded corners
    • Composite material: 2 layers of aluminum on the outside and one of polyethylene on the inside.
    • Weight: 1,060 Kg
    • Graphics: Direct digital printing with UV resistant pigments
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