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Drone Pad 150 - PVC

Drone Pad 150 - PVC

SKU: DP150

Drone Pad 150 is the exclusive take-off and landing platform designed for professional drones

The 150x150cm dimensions allow it to be used with most large multicopters such as octocopters.

It is very light, easily transportable, waterproof and foldable.

The Drone Pad 150 allows you to create a clean surface, free of grass, dust, sand or other volatile materials that would risk  to enter the engines of the multicopter and to  damage them.

The graphics show the numbers with degrees, reproduced clockwise and counterclockwise, useful for defining routes, indicating trajectories, positioning the Pad according to criteria deriving from photogrammetry or remote sensing needs in general. At the center is the "H" of "HeliPad"


Product for professional use

  • Product details:

    • Size: 150x150cm (open)
    • Accessories: 12 perimeter eyelets in galvanized aluminum for anchoring to the ground
    • Reinforcements: Perimeter electro-welding to give greater resistance
    • Graphics: Direct digital printing on one side. Waterproof. Washable
    • Delivery times: max 15 days. from receipt of payment

      NB: pegs not included


    It is possible to request a customized version with your logo. Contact me for all the info and costs!

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