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DP ballast KIT

DP ballast KIT


DronePad Ballast KIT

Exclusive system by achrom to fix DronePads made of PVC to the ground. A practical, useful and indispensable system that allows you to anchor your DronePad to the ground. 


The cone of air that generates the DRONE  and the natural wind could cause the flaps of the DronePad to bend, creating safety problems during the take-off and landing phase of the APR. Thanks to the DP Ballast KIT , the problem does not arise, guaranteeing maximum adherence to the ground of the PVC DronePad


Thanks to the red elements  which characterize the DP Ballast KIT , the operating area, and in particular the perimeter area of the DronePad, is highlighted by increasing its visibility and consequently the level of safety.



  • KIT Description:

    The kit consists of:

    • no. 1 Nylon carrying bag (color upon availability) with drawstring
    • no. 4 High quality, reliable aviation aluminum carabiners e very strong, equipped with locking mechanism with screw.
    • no. 4 nylon belts, red color, with steel rings for fastening carabiners. Personalized with direct embroidery with polyester thread: "APPLY BEFORE FLIGHT"
    • nr: 4 red rubberized discs, 0.5Kg each. for a total of 2Kg. *


    NB: * small defects in the rubber casting, possibly present on the coating surface of the discs, do not affect the yield of the product and not  are to be considered in themselves a defect but a normal exception due_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ to manufacturing processes.

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