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HD microembroidery patch - UAS PILOT - vers. international

HD microembroidery patch - UAS PILOT - vers. international


UAS PILOT logo embroidered patch. New version!


Made with high definition (HD) micro-embroidery technique.
On the back it is equipped with thermo-adhesive glue for application on suitable garments*
The patch is laser shaped

Application notes:

*Each garment/fabric has a reference temperature. The thermoadhesive glue, to activate it needs:

  • IRON: Temperature 140° approx. x 25-30 seconds approx.

or of:

  • THERMAL PRESS: Temperature 170/180° approx. x 20 seconds approx. minimizing the press pressure.

Each patch comes with application instructions and a Teflon sheet for heat pressing.


ATTENTION: Before proceeding with heat pressing verify the material paying attention to the indications given on the labels of the products on which you wish to apply the patch. Follow the instructions on the package.

  • Description:

    • 1 patch of 90x45mm approx. made in microembroidery
    • Equipped with thermo-adhesive glue on the back
    • Instructions for heat pressing 
    • Supplied with Teflon sheet for heat pressing
7,80 €Price
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