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Drone qr code sticker printing

Drone Fly Shop is an online shop specializing in drone products and accessories for drone pilots. Among the main accessories sold we mention pins for drone pilots, uas pilot vests and drone pads. In addition to the sale of drone products and accessories, Drone Fly offers adrone qr code sticker printing service

As defined by ENAC, drone registration is mandatory for all drones, with the exception of those of less than 259 grams used for recreational purposes. Even the operators with the old declarations will have to download the new codes from the D-Flight portal, without however having to pay back the rights to ENAC. Given the mandatory enac drone registration, the mandatory drone qr code printing becomes a useful service for all drone pilots.  

Specifically, Drone Fly  takes care of printing the qr code created on the D-Flight website. 4 copies will be provided to be applied on the UAV  and / or on the Ground Station (radio control) of size 30x20mm. To purchase the service it is necessary to download the file with the qr code from the D-Flight website, purchase the Drone Fly service and send the file following the instructions that will be sent by e-mail after payment.

It is possible to order a secondadhesive label with the pilot data in clear text to facilitate those who should recover the drone in the event of a flyaway or accidental loss of the UAV. Also in this case 4 copies are provided and the label size is 30x20mm. To purchase it, you need to click on the service, enter your details and proceed with the payment.

For more information on the enac qr code drone sticker printing service or to see all our products, fill out the form in the contact section of the site.

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